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Dogra , Sachin (2007) Molecular characterization of a Potyviruses infecting freesia. Masters thesis, CSIR-IHBT.


-, Methoxy (2007) Molecular characterization of a virus infecting Capsicum. Masters thesis, CSIR-IHBT.

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Kumar , V and Sharma, A and Sharma, A and Sinha, Arun K (2007) Remarkable synergism in methylimidazole-promoted decarboxylation of substituted cinnamic acid derivatives in basic water medium under microwave irradiation: a clean synthesis of hydroxylated (E)-stilbenes*. Tetrahedron, 63. pp. 7640-7646.

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Singh, K N and Lal, Brij (2007) Notes on Traditional Uses of Khair (Acacia catechu Willd.) by Inhabitants of Shivalik Range in Western Himalaya. Role of Sal Tree in the Life of Aboriginals of Central India. pp. 1-4.

csir, ihbt (2007) A process for the preparation of nolignan 3- ethyl-2-methyl-3- (2",4",5"-trimethoxy) phenyl-1-(2',4',5'-trimethoxy) phenyl-1-propene. 383/DEL/2007 (199807).


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Sharma, V and Gupta , A P and Bhandari, P and Gupta , R C and Singh , Bikram (2007) A Validated and Densitometric HPTLC Method for the Quantification of Withaferin-A and Withanolide-A in Different Plant Parts of Two Morphotypes of Withania somnifera. Chromatographia, 66. pp. 801-814.

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Sinha, Arun K and Kumar, Vinod and Sharma, A and Sharma, A (2007) An unusual, mild and convenient one-pot two-step access to (E)-stilbenes from hydroxy-substituted benzaldehydes and phenylacetic acids under microwave activation: a new facet of the classical Perkin reaction*. Tetrahedron, 63. pp. 11070-11077.

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ZAIDI, SAHEEM (2007) Identification Of Chemical Constituents of Albizia chinensis And Eucalyptus citrodora. Masters thesis, CSIR-IHBT.

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