Kaul, Kiran (2008) Isolation and purification of genomic DNA from withania somnifera for analytical applications. International Journal of Torpical Agriculture, 4 (2). pp. 169-175.

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Medicinal plant utilization and conservation has attracted global attention in the recent past (Parrotta, 2001). The Indian Himalaya is a storehouse of rare and valuable medicinal and aromatic plant species (Ballabh et. al. 2007). Systematic characterization of existing bioresource diversity is of great significance for future programmes on quality enhancement and management of the medicinal plant species (Ruiz et. al 2001). The DNA-based markers have emerged as powerful tool for assessing genetic diversity and relatedness among different accessions of same species and play a pivotal role in their unambiguous characterization and identification (Bolaric et.al. 2005). However quality DNA isolation from plant tissues presents a variety of problems (Varma et.al.2006). Medicinal plants contain high amounts secondary metabolites such as alkaloids, flavanoids, terpenes and quinines which may bind to DNA after cell lysis and interfere with DNA isolation procedures. Although several rapid methods exist for genomic DNA extraction from various plant tissues, there is no simple method for obtaining large quantities of DNA from plants containing high content of secondary metabolites. Moreover these ready to use methods are not cost effective to be used on a general laboratory scale. We report here a total genomic DNA isolation protocol derived from a method originally developed for other plants (Doyle and Doyle, 1987). Modifications were made to minimize co isolation of contaminants. The primary purification process consists of washing the DNA with phenol while it is complexed with CTAB and dissolved in 1.4 M NaCl.

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