Chand, Piar and Pakade, Yogesh B (2013) Removal of Pb from Water by Adsorption on Apple Pomace: Equilibrium, Kinetics, and Thermodynamics Studies. Journal of Chemistry. pp. 1-8.

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The adsorption-influencing factors such as pH, dose, and time were optimized by batch adsorption study. A 0.8 g dose, 4.0 pH, and 80 min of contact time were optimized for maximum adsorption of Pb on AP. e adsorption isotherms (Langmuir and Freundlich) were well fitted to the data obtained with values of max (16.39 mg/g; r2 = 0.985) and K (16.14 mg/g; r2 = 0.998), respectively. The kinetics study showed that lead adsorption follows the pseudo-second-order kinetics with correlation coefficient (r2) of 0.999 for all of the concentration range. FTIR spectra also showed that the major functional groups like polyphenols (–OH) and carbonyl (–CO) were responsible for Pb binding on AP. The thermodynamic parameters as ΔG, ΔH (33.54 J/mol), and ΔS (1.08 J/mol/K) were also studied and indicate that the reaction is feasible, endothermic, and spontaneous in nature.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Adsorption; Apple Pomace; Equilibrium; Kinetics;T hermodynamics Studies
Subjects: Pest and Pesticides
Depositing User: Dr. Aparna Maitra Pati
Date Deposited: 03 Apr 2013 08:36
Last Modified: 03 Apr 2013 08:36

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