Uniyal, S K (2012) Priortizing Taxonimists Science. Letter, 332 (6029). 536-53r7.

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THE LETTER “ASSESSING CHEMICAL RISK: SOCIETIES OFFER EXPERTISE” by eight scientifi c societies (4 March, p. 1136) was the subject of lively discussion among the attendees at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology. Whereas some took this letter to indicate that its signatory societies regarded toxicologists as part of the problem concerning the limitations of the science involved in regulatory decision- making, a more generous view allowed that the signatory societies were expressing their interest in helping to assess the risks of chemicals and drugs by evaluating data and developing new testing guidelines and protocols. As a scientifi cally integrated discipline, toxicology uses the tools of molecular and cellular biology, cancer biology, neuroscience, bioinformatics, reproductive and developmental biology, and other fi elds to determine how drugs and chemicals can be used safely. Toxicologists address the challenges of translating data from the molecular and cellular level into a better understanding of health risks from contaminants in air, water, and food, and we urge all scientists to work collectively to meet that goal. In 2010, the Scientifi c Liaison Coalition (SLC), comprising 15 national scientifi c societies (including ours), was formed in order to increase the impact of the science of toxicology to improve public health. Toward this end, the SLC is already working on initiatives that address such issues as high-throughput testing in regulatory decision-making, the interactions between metabolic syndrome and environmental exposure risks, and the relationship between environmentally induced diseases and epigenetics. Toxicologists and toxicology are already deeply involved in advancing regulatory science, improving toxicity testing, and protecting human health and the environment. We welcome the signatory societies of the 4 March Letter to join us in this effort.

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