Jamwal, P and Uniyal, S K (2008) Vegetation characteristics and under - canopy assemblages of subtropical chir pine forests at two sites in Western Himalaya. Indian Journal of Foresty, 31 (1). pp. 29-36.

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Chir pine forests occurring at 750 amsl (Site I) and 1400 amsl (Site 2) in Western Himalaya were studied for vegetation characteristics and under-canopy assemblages. The vegetation was sampled using quadrats. Total of 40 plant species belonging to 27 families were encountered in the sampling plots. Members of Asteraceae, Leguminosae and Rosaceae dominated the Chir pine under-canopy. At both the Sites, species to genera ratio was found to be one. Amongst the two Sites, the number of tree and shrub species was more at Site I; while that of herbs was more at Site 2. Higher tree and shrub diversity was recorded at Site 1,0.63 and 1.32 respectively, while Site 2 had higher (2.12) herb diversity. In general, both Sites had higher shrub and herb diversity compared to tree diversity. Chir pine forests at lower altitude (Site I) were found to be more diverse than at higher altitude (Site 2). Above ground biomass of Chir pine at the study Sites ranged from 302 t/ha at Site I to 338 tlha at Site 2. The density, diversity and biomass estimates from the present study area are comparable to other Chir pine forests in the Western Himalaya; however, regeneration potential of the present area was recorded to be comparatively poor.

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