Manuja, Sandeep (2003) Effect of fertility levels on promising hybrid maize (Zea mays) under rainfed conditions of Himachal Pradesh. Indian Journal of Agromony, 47 (4). pp. 526-30. ISSN 0537-197X

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An experiment was conducted during the rainy season (kharif) 1998–2000 to find out the suitable maize (Zea mays L.) hybrid varieties and their fertility requirement under rainfed condition of Himachal Pradesh. Three hybrid varieties (‘KH 517’, ‘KH 101’ and ‘PSCL 3436’) with 1 check (‘Early Composite’) were tested at 4 levels of fertility. ‘Early Composite’ produced significantly taller plants compared to hybrids which were statistically at par with one another. Number of days taken for silking were the lowest in compsoite, followed by ‘KH 101’. The yield attributes, viz. number of cobs, grains/cob and 1,000-grain weight, were significantly superior in maize hybrids to composite. All hybrids gave significantly higher yield (34.98–61.66%) over composite. Among hybrids, ‘KH 517’ gave the highest yield, being 7.78, 19.76 and 61.66% higher than ‘PSCL 3436’, ‘KH 101’ and ‘Early Composite’ respectively. Application of additional 50% NPK or 10 tonnes FYM in addition to recommended fertilizer increased the yield by 25.97 or 13.98% respectively. However, reducing fertilizer by 50% NPK even with 10 tonnes FYM, reduced the yield by 10.90%. Nutrient uptake followed the yield level trend and increased with higher fertility levels. There was depletion of NPK compared to initial status of soil with all varieties and at all fertility levels. The harvest index (48.2), net return (Rs 20,951/ha) and benefit: cost ratio (3.03) were maximum from hybrid ‘KH 517’, followed by ‘PSCL 3436’. Benefit: cost ratio was maximum with 150% recommended fertilizer application (2.92), followed by recommended fertilizer + 10 tonnes FYM/ha.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Hybrid maize, Fertility level, Yield.
Subjects: Ecology
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